About us

Our business was first established around 1920 in Yerseke. Grandfather Van der Endt started by collecting shell grit on the dike embankment, just opposite the location where the business continues to operate down to the present day. Here the shell grit was air dried and packaged. The grit, a rich source of calcium, was delivered by horse and cart to the poultry farmers in the surrounding area.
During the 1950s operations were scaled up and the firm acquired our own ship to harvest shells from the shell banks. The increased supply and innovations of various kinds have led to Van der Endt’s increasing specialisation and the development of other applications for shells. Our products have been marketed under the “Ostrea” brand since the early days.

In 2005 production and also the ØTA (Oyta) brand name were taken over from a firm in Denmark. Up to 2004 ØTA had been supplying the Scandinavian and export markets from their site on the banks of the Roskilde Fjord. They were obliged to cease production when the fjord where they obtained their shells was declared a protected area for birds. Following that, oystershells was brought in from Norway, dried and sieved. After recurrent problems with supply the then director Laust Dahlgaard decided to sell the ØTA (Oyta) brand to Van der Endt-Louwerse, the largest supplier in Europe.

Our activities include:

  • The extraction of raw materials using our current vessel, the Eemshorn
  • Production of grits of all types for the mixed feed industry
  • Production of various feedstuffs for the hobby market
  • Packaging on behalf of various private labels
  • The washing and supply of shelly material for insulation purposes
  • The sale of shell, for drainage, for water purification, for air filters and as a surfacing material for paths and gardens.