About us

Van der Endt-Louwerse is a family business. We are proud of our business that is now a century old. Our firm was founded around 1920, in the fishing village of Yerseke in Zeeland, the Netherlands. We are now specialized in different applications for shells.We have grown to become one of the major players in this market. Much has changed over the course of the years, but not everything. Our passion for our profession and our genuine involvement with our customers is still the central thread running through our company.

Grandfather Van der Endt started collecting shell grit on the dyke embankment opposite our business. He dried the shell grit in the open air and then packaged it. He took this natural source of calcium to poultry farmers in the area by horse and cart.

Purchase of our own ship
Half way through the last century, a decision was made to take the work to the next level. We bought our own ship to use to collect shells from the North Sea shell banks. The greater supply and innovation allowed us to increasingly specialize in finding new uses for shells.

Various own trademarks
Ostrea is the traditional trade name we use to market out products. In 2005, we acquired the production and the trademark ØTA (Oyta), established in Denmark. The company had provided the Scandinavian market with seashells until 2004, as well as serving an export market. The business was set up on the banks of the Roskilde Fjord, where it collected its shells from. When the fjord was declared a bird protection area, the company was forced to cease a major part of its activities. When importing oyster grit from Norway turned out not to be a good alternative, the board decided to sell the trademark ØTA (Oyta) to Van der Endt-Louwerse, the biggest supplier in Europe.

Current business activities
Our current business activities include:

  • Mining minerals with our own ship ‘De Eemshorn’
  • Producing various sorts of grit for the compound feed industry.
  • Producing various additional feeds and ground cover.
  • Packaging different private labels
  • Supplying and washing shells for insulation material.
  • Selling shells for drainage, water purification, air filters and semi-paving for paths and gardens.