Flint grit

Chickens, and basically all the birds, will naturally peck stones from nature. These stones act as teeth for the bird.
By feeding Ostrea stomach gravel, the bird will have always the disposal of small stones in the stomach.

The stomach grit benefits as much as possible the grinding of the feed taken up by the bird. The surface of the feed is increased by the grinding process and therefore nutrients, may well be incorporated into the intestines.

Ostrea stomach gravel may also positively influence the activity of the gizzard by feeding the bird fine food. The stones act as coarse particles to stimulate the gizzard permanently to work, which leads to more efficient feed utilization

The stomach grit leave the body on a natural way, once they are worn.

Ostrea stomach grit is washed, heated and crushed under strict conditions. It also do not contains any artificial colors or flavors, this together makes the stomach gravel a product for your bird as part of a natural process, a quality product.

Stomach grit is standard available in 25 kg bags. We can also pack it in small packaging. For small volume users we have the easy handy tear-free stonding bock bag packing for the keepers of hobby chickens and other birds. The upright bag ensures a good presentation on the shelf and complements the range of products for birds. This package we provide in consultation. Private label is also possible.