“Oystergritmix a fair calcium source for laying hens and meat poultry”

The bones and blood of the hen serve as a calcium stock which has to be replenished before the time of lay. High producing hens in particular need a constant calcium. An optimally covered need for calcium especially during the period of eggshell formation – often many hours after the latest feeding – is important. Therefore is the need for a sufficient amount of calcium at the right time in the layer diet crucial. There is an important link between eggshell quality, calcium source and the level of calcium in the diet.

Coarser structure

Oystergritmix is a valuable calcium source for poultry. Laying hens in particular get their calcium requirement covered optimally. Oystergritmix has a coarser structure than feed lime or lime gravel and the particles remain in the gizzard longer. Because of this effect, the hen’s constant need for calcium will be covered optimally.

Delayed calcium release

Due to the special particle structure of the oyster shells they are slowly released to the digestive system where their ideal solubility rate ensures a continuous supply of calcium to the bloodstream around the clock. The calcium supply is thus available at a better time. This means maximum eggshell strength and also in meat poultry stronger bones. The calcium is released gradually into the bloodstream for the full 100%. Oystergritmix is 100% digestible in vitro.

Natural Origin

Oystergritmix is a natural product which is obtained from large deposits of oyster shells in the shallow waters of the North Sea. Oystergritmix is a natural product which is formed organically by a living creature. Oystergritmix has a particularly high bioavailability and are easily ingested by the birds. As it is not made solely from calcium carbonate it contains also other minerals and metals.

Positive effect on food conversion

Oystergritmix has a favorable effect on food conversion, enabling pepsin to digest available food more efficiently. It prevents calcium from accumulating in the small intestine, where it can react with free fatty acids to create insoluble and indigestible calcium soaps.

Heat treated, salmonella free

Oystergritmix have been heat-treated at such a high temperature that possible pathogenic bacteria, such as Salmonella, are eliminated. Our product is guaranteed salmonella free.