Oyster grit mix

Oyster grit mix is a good source of calcium for hens, broilers, turkeys, pigeons and other poultry. Oyster grit mix has a rougher structure than limestone or lime gravel. As a result, particles remain in the gizzard for longer. The chicken’s continual calcium needs are therefore well provided for.

The bird’s bones and blood serve as a calcium reserve. These need to be replenished before laying time. High-producing birds, especially, need a continuous supply of calcium. It is especially important that a bird’s calcium requirements are met in the period when the eggshell forms, often many hours after the last feed. This is why getting enough calcium at the right time is such a vital part of a laying hen’s diet. There is an important link between the quality of the eggshell, the source of calcium and the calcium content in the diet.

Delayed calcium release

The oyster grit’s special particle structure allows the slow release of the grit into the digestive tract. Here, the ideal solubility ensures a continuous supply of calcium into the bloodstream. The calcium supply is therefore available at a better time. This ensures maximal eggshell strength, as well as stronger bones. The calcium is slowly released 100% into the bloodstream. Oyster grit mix is 100% digestible in vitro.

Turkeys and broilers
Oyster grit is also successfully used for turkeys and broilers. These fast-growing birds need a strong structure to carry their own weight. Their blood’s calcium content must be optimal at all times. Due to its slow solubility, oyster grit ensures a continuous calcium level, 24 hours aday, without peaks and troughs.

Natural origin

Oyster grit mix is a natural product. We harvest the shells in the North Sea The oyster shells are then washed, dried, fired, broken and sieved according to size in our factory. Oyster grit is free from dust, stones and sand and is guaranteed salmonella-free.

Oyster grit is available in different sizes: fine, medium and coarse, and is supplied in different packagings. Private label production is one of the options we provide.

More information
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