Industry and miscellaneous

Shells have an extremely wide range of uses. Our shells are used in the construction sector, in civil and hydraulic engineering and in nature areas.

In the construction sector, shells are mainly used as ecological insulation material in crawl spaces, floors and cellars. Shells are a natural product. They provide good thermal insulation and are moisture resistant. Shells are relatively easy to apply.

Shellsare also used in the civil and hydraulic engineering sector, especially as paving material for various road construction works. Shells’ pH levels mean relatively less weed and moss growth compared to other semi-paving materials. In nature areas and other green areas, shells are mainly used in public works. Shells are the ideal raw material for creating walking and cycle paths and parking areas. Their moisture-repellent and insulating properties also make shells suitable for the construction of drainage systems used in agriculture and horticulture, gardens and parking.

More information
Please contact us if you have any ideas for other uses for our shells and/or you would like more information. We are always available for an initial conversation. Please contact Van der Endt-Louwerse, email:  or phone +31 (0)113 571582.