Shell grit as a source of calcium

Shell grit is an excellent source of calcium. The secret lies in the calcium’s delayed release. The structure and size of the grit means that pieces remain in the crop for longer.These pieces reach the stomach gradually. Here, digestive acids slowly dissolve them.The release of calcium into the bloodstream is therefore slowed down. Our grit dissolves 5 to 10 times more slowly than other sources of calcium, such as limestone or chalk.This is good for the chicken’s calcium requirements.These properties also apply for all other sorts of birds.


Smooth, hard, attractive eggs
The delayed and gradual release of the calcium results in a higher calcium content in the chickens’s blood, especially at night.As a result, the chickens lay eggs that are smoother, harder and more visually appealing. Chickens also lay eggs for a longer time period. Furthermore, the risk of damaged eggs is considerably reduced. As a result, other birds sorts also produce better eggs.

Extra minerals and metals
Compared to limestone and chalk, shell grit contains lots of extra minerals and metals. The rough structure of shell grit allows for the bird’s selective uptake, depending on its calcium needs. In this way, shell grit prevents overfeeding. This has a beneficial effect on feed conversion, especially at the end of the laying period.Shell grit contributes towards preventing and combating the weakening of the bone structure. Its rough structure moreover makes it easier for the birds to walk on the feed and prevents feed segregation.

Shell grit provides poultry farmers with a better yield by:

  • delaying the bird’s uptake and improving its use of calcium.
  • providing a source of calcium with a high calcium content.
  • 100% natural product: organically-formed calcium carbonate.
  • improved feed conversion.
  • dryer manure.
  • contributing towards optimal health and stronger bones.
Oyster grit mix

Oyster grit mix
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Marine shell grit

Marine shell grit
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