Bird grit

Bird grit is a complete mineral grit especially compiled for small birds. Bird grit is a supplement to the usual feed and meets the bird’s need for extra calcium, stomach grit and minerals.

Bird grit ensures better and faster digestion. It strengthens birds’ beaks and bones. It also has a beneficial effect on the birds’ general condition. As well as marine shell grit, our bird grit contains other valuable ingredients, such as oyster shells, redstone, stomach grit and purified charcoal.

Valuable ingredients

  • Oyster shells are an ideal source of calcium, because the calcium is fully absorbed into the bloodstream in a gradual way. This means that the animal receives calcium at the right time. This is necessary for strong bones and proper eggshell formation.
  • Redstone contains abundant minerals and trace elements.
  • Stomach grit works like a natural millstone. The stomach grit ensures that the feed is optimally used.
  • Purified charcoal absorbs unwanted substances in the intestines.

Quality product
All raw materials are produced under strict conditions. Our bird grit is a quality product, with no artificial colourings and flavourings.

More information
We are happy to provide you with more information. Please contact Van der Endt-Louwerse, email:  or phone +31 (0)113 571582.