Bird grit

The addition of grit is important for many species of birds housed in cages or aviaries. Birds need minerals and other nutritional building blocks in addition to their normal feed. The Van der Endt-Louwerse range includes a grit mix ideal to meet the birds’ requirements in these circumstances. The various components in the grit are essential for optimal digestion and the mixture is also a rich source of the minerals birds require for the development of muscles and bone, for good health and for fertility. Adding our bird grit to the feed allows the birds to find an adequate supply of the minerals and nutrients they need within their enclosure, rather than elsewhere.

Zeevita Bird Grit
A mixture of marine shell grit, oyster grit, red grit, gizzard grit and charcoal.
The purified charcoal promotes good digestion and absorbs any undesirable substances present in the gut. The birds may be allowed to take the grit on demand. Red grit is a rich source of minerals and trace elements. The mix also contains gizzard grit, particles which work like a natural grindstone and which are essential for proper digestion. The marine shells used are the best available source of calcium. Our bird grit is sieved to a particle size of 1-2.5 mm. Our bird grit and the raw materials that go into it are all produced, heated, purified and screened under strict conditions. It contains no artificial colorants or flavourings: in short this is a top quality product.
Our bird grit is available under our own Ostrea label, in 20 kg PE sacks, 20 kg plain PE sacks and by arrangement in Private Label packaging from 2.5 kg bags upwards.