Hobby / Retail

Van der Endt-Louwerse provides a complete range of grit and shell products for a variety of birds. These products are interesting, both for big and small hobby breeders. The requirements for these products are completed tailored to the properties of animals in the hobby sector. We always compile our products with great care. We set the same high standards for preparation and transportation as we do for the professional animal feed market. In this way we fully meet your customers’ needs and provide them with sophisticated quality products.


Van der Endt-Louwerse’s range offers numerous possibilities for a wide assortment of products in pet shops and supermarkets. We meet the need for additional products for birds, pigeons, reptiles and rodents. We offer these products in consumer packaging. This enables us to reach consumers who are interested in buying small amounts.

More information
We are happy to provide you with more information. Please contact Van der Endt-Louwerse, email: info@vde-shells.com  or phone +31 (0)113 571582.