Shell market

Shells are used increasingly for drainage and water purification purposes, as well as in air filters and paving material. In nature areas, gardens, walking and cycle paths and parking areas, this natural product is a welcome alternative to other semi-paving materials.

Compared to other semi-paving material like gralux, using shells produces relatively little weed and moss growth. This is due to shells’ high acidity levels. This has a beneficial effect on bird population levels. Birds need limestone to produce strong eggshells.


Van der Endt-Louwerse has two sorts of shells in its range: clean shells and clay shells. The clean shells are washed and sieved on our grounds using clean freshwater. Our shells comply with the Dutch Soil Quality Decree [Besluit Bodemkwaliteit]. The clean shells remain looser than clay shells, improving their water permeability. The clay shells are a mixture of clean, washed shells and clean soil. Both products therefore fall under the Soil Quality Decree mentioned above.


Our shells have various uses, including semi-paving, foundations, insulation, drainage and garden decoration.

More information
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