Redstone / Redstone with limestone

Redstone is an important ingredient that we use in our various pigeon grit mixes. Redstone is made from clay that is baked at high temperatures. Pigeon grit is a supplement to the usual feed and meets the need for extra calcium, stomach grit and minerals.
Redstone promotes and supports digestion and absorbs toxic substances in the digestive tract. It promotes wellbound manure. Giving extra redstone is a good idea, especially during the hen’s laying period. Female pigeons need this both before and after laying eggs.

Redstone and limestone

In additional to pure redstone, we also have a redstone and limestone mix. We also include stomach grit in it. It is a simple mixture, that can be added for various reasons. As well as providing extra redstone, the mixture also meets calcium needs. The extra stomach grit promotes the digestion of grains and seeds.


We make our redstone grit using a 2 – 5 mm sieve. Redstone and redstone with limestone are produced, fired, purified and sieved under strict conditions. Both pigeon grits are quality products, with no additives.

More information
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