Redstone / Redstone with limestone

Redstone is an important ingredient for various types of pigeon grit. It can be provided separately, as well as in grit form. Redstone is made of clay that is baked at high temperatures. It is rich in minerals and trace elements and ensures optimum digestion, as well as more solid droppings. And pigeons love it. It is particularly needed by the females, before and after laying.

Our redstone is produced, fired, cleaned and sieved under strict conditions.
Redstone is a 100% natural product that contains no additives.
It is produced in sizes 2 to 5.5 mm and is available as our Ostrea brand in 20 kg and 3 kg packs, and in consultation as private-label packages in bags from 1.5 kg upwards.

The redstone also comes in a mixture with limestone.