Shell Grit
the optimal source of calcium
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Hobby/Retail market
products for the Hobby/Retail market
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Pigeon grit
several perfectly balanced grit mixes for Pigeons
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Welcome to Van der Endt-Louwerse

Van der Endt-Louwerse is a family business that has specialized in different shell applications for a over hundred years. Our business is closely linked to the rich fishing history in Yerseke. Over the course of one century we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience which we are happy to share with our customers. Shells are our passion.

100% Natural product
Shellfish live at the bottom of the sea. They die after about five years. The shells open up and divide into two halves. The loose shells are swept along by the sea’s current and land on banks near the coast. New shells are added every day. Our shellcatcher De Eemshorn collects shells from the shell banks in the North Sea.We have been collecting shells since 1920.