Natural sand

Natural sand is a natural ground cover for bird cages and aviaries. Birds love taking dust baths in this fine grit. When bathing, the birds rub the sand into their feathers, and then shake it out again. This gets rid of old greasy feathers and parasites.

Our natural sand is a mixture of marine sand, with a high oyster and marine shell grit content. We also add aniseed oil for a fresh smell. The oyster shells provide an excellent source of calcium and minerals for the birds. They can easily digest the grit. The advantage of oyster and shell grit is that the calcium is gradually absorbed into the bloodstream.

Quality product
We dry and heat the fine white sand and the shell grit at high temperatures. This way it is fully disinfected.

More information
Natural sand is attractively priced, especially for bulk consumers. We are happy to provide you with more information. Please contact Van der Endt-Louwerse, email:  or phone +31 (0)113 571582.