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Bird Sand
The most common cage floor covering is shell sand. Shell sand is a natural product and is ideal for cages and aviaries. Birds love to take a sand bath, trapping the sand between their feathers and then shaking it out again. This has the effect of removing grease and ecto-parasites from the feathers. Hygiene is one of the most crucial aspects of bird husbandry and breeding. Cages and aviaries must be frequently cleaned, and the use of sand on the floor greatly facilitates this, while the birds love to scratch about in it. Ideal therefore for both the bird and the keeper! All our raw materials are disinfected before they are heated and dried in our own specially developed production process. Our factory is certified and the raw materials are regularly inspected for sources of infection by the competent authorities.

White shell sand
Our shell sand is a mixture of white sand and particles of the shells of oysters and other marine shellfish, with the addition of aniseed to provide a refreshing odour. Its fine structure and attractive light colour make this a premium sand, much used in birdcages. White sand is also the standard for use in competitions and bird exhibitions. The birds eat the shell particles we incorporate in the sand, and in fact this is essential for them as it meets their need for calcium and minerals, as well as preventing and remedying digestive problems.

Special sand
Our special sand is a mixture of brown sea sand with fragments of oyster and other marine shells. This sand also has aniseed added for a pleasant odour. The special sand includes more shelly material and takes up more moisture because of its coarse structure. The shell is a source of calcium and other minerals. Its lower price makes this the natural choice where large quantities are used. The special sand is particularly popular in southern Europe, both in birdcages and in the larger aviaries.

Our bird sand is supplied in 25 kg PE packages as well as in smaller consumer packages. If desired we can also supply in PE packaging with the customer's own branding from 2kg.


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