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As well as shell being the best source of calcium it is also essential that the birds make optimal use of the feed they are provided with. Grit is used in the bird's muscular gizzard or crop to grind the feed and so promote its digestion. This allows the bird to absorb the food better and to extract more nutrients from it. This is important for all poultry, but particularly for laying hens where optimal performance is a must.

Our standard range includes gizzard grit matched to your needs, which we can supply alongside our shell-based products.

Other birds
Where little or no grit mix (containing gizzard grit) is fed, then it is important that birds are provided with a separate source of gizzard grit. Gizzard grit promotes good digestion, the birds absorb their feed better and extract more nutrients from it: grit thereby improves the general condition of our birds. Birds in the wild seek out grit and stones to promote digestion, so it is essential to provide birds in cages, lofts or aviaries with a suitable substitute. Van der Endt-Louwerse carry a range of gizzard grits so you are sure to find a product here to meet your specific needs. All our gizzard grits are manufactured under strict conditions and are GMP+ certified.

Our gizzard grit is available in three different particle size ranges:
1 - 2.5 mm          suitable for small birds
2 - 5 mm              suitable for poultry and laying hens
4 - 7 mm              suitable for chickens and larger poultry.

We can supply gizzard grit in the following packages:
In bulk for the industry: big bags (1000 kg) and 25 and 20 kg plain PE sacks.
For the hobby sector, wholesalers and retailers: 25 and 20 kg plain PE sacks, and Private Label packages from 1.5 kg bags upwards.


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