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Ostrea-pigeon grit

A supply of pigeon grit is essential for these birds alongside their normal feed. The Van der Endt-Louwerse range includes several perfectly balanced grit mixes to meet this crucial need. The various components in pigeon grit are essential for optimal digestion and its grinding action increases the effectiveness of nutrient uptake from the feed. Pigeon grit also provides essential nutritional building blocks like minerals and trace elements, promoting the development of bone and muscle, in other words, what the bird needs to achieve optimal performance and healthy growth. With an admixture of one of our grit mixes in the diet the pigeon has the opportunity to obtain the minerals and nutrients it needs in the loft, rather than needing to look elsewhere.



Pigeon grit 1

A mixture of marine shell grit, oyster grit, redstone, flintgrit and charcoal.
The purified charcoal promotes good digestion and absorbs any toxins present in the gut. The birds may be allowed to take this on demand.

Pigeon grit 3

A mix of marine shell grit, oyster grit, redstone, flintgrit and aniseed.
Aniseed is added to this mix to provide an attractive odour.


Pigeon grit 5

A mix of marine shell grit, oyster grit, redstone, flintgrit and aniseed.
This mix has a higher proportion of red grit, which is rich in minerals and trace elements. Extra supplies of this are useful around laying time.

All our mixes are screened to give a particle range of 2 to 5.5 mm. Our pigeon grits and the raw materials that go into them are also produced, heated, purified and screened under stringent conditions. In short, this is a top quality product.

We supply pigeon grit under our own Ostrea label in 25 kg PE sacks, blanco 25 kg sacks and 2.5 kg bags and by arrangement in private label packages from 1.5 kg upwards. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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